WhatsApp to add improved search tool and ShareChat integration

WhatsApp to add improved search tools and share chat integration Whatsapp frequently tests options for its golem and iOS platforms, desktop, and business apps. the most recent options it’s performing on embody search tool enhancements, ShareChat video integration, new bubble color for dark mode, and additional.

These WhatsApp options are presently in alpha testing and so not offered even to public beta users. WABetaInfo listed out a string of WhatsApp options for golem and iOS that might be created official presently. therefore here’s a roundup of everything new that’s happening on WhatsApp.


Improved search tools

WhatsApp is functioning on a “search by date” possibility which can create it easier for users to specifically choose messages and media from chats. WhatsApp’s search image on the net feature is currently being tested on iOS furthermore. it had been antecedently noticed on golem.

New bubble change dark mode

WhatsApp unrolled dark mode earlier this year. It continues to boost the dark expertise with new additions furthermore. WhatsApp is currently testing a replacement chat bubble color for dark mode. It’s not extremely an amendment in color however a lighter shade of inexperienced than this one. this is applicable to the gray bubble color too.

Clear except asterisked messages

As the name suggests, this feature can offer users Associate in Nursing choice to retain asterisked messages whereas mass deleting all messages. a replacement choice to “clear except starred” messages can seem once users decide to clear all chats from their WhatsApp account.

Storage usage enhancements

WhatsApp presently shows the storage size of photos, messages, videos, and documents shared on individual chats. It’s currently performing on rising that by showing that photos that were shared therein chat with the storage usage count. Users may also kind these photos by size, newest and oldest. The storage usage section is additionally obtaining an Associate in Nursing choice to check for giant files and forwarded files specifically.

ShareChat video integration

WhatsApp is functioning on desegregation ShareChat’s video player on its platform. this implies that videos shared via ShareChat on WhatsApp can play within the app itself. Users won't have to be compelled to exit WhatsApp to look at the video. This feature is already offered for YouTube and Instagram videos.

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