Sony postpones PS5 event ‘to allow more important voices to be heard’

Sony’s planned June 4 PS5 event has been postponed indefinitely, as the U.S. grapples with widespread protests over the death of George Floyd. It’s understandably a difficult time to concentrate on game launches, amid national and global unrest. 

The company noted via Twitter, “While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to ascertain PS5 games, we don't feel that immediately may be a time to celebrate and for now, we would like to face back and permit more important voices to be heard.”

The event was set to unveil new titles for Sony’s next-gen console due out at the top of the year. It follows a recent similar event from Microsoft, as companies readjust their schedules within the wake of COVID-19-related cancellations of massive gaming conferences like E3. Sony’s call to “stand back” follows similar comments from other tech giants, though thus far the corporate has done so without specifically citing Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police or the next protests.

The decision is — perhaps unsurprisingly — being met with mixed reactions from gamers. The complaints range from notes that gaming may be a sort of escapism from reality to…well, way more problematic suggestions from people upset about having to wait just a bit longer before seeing some gaming trailers. the maximum amount because it may disappoint some people to mention , however, there are, indeed, more important things than video games.

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