Fortnite bug lets players instantly open Henchmen chests

Fortnite bug lets players instantly open Henchmen chests

The current season of Fortnite options a spy theme that has Henchmen, a sort of AI character that patrols sure locations. These characters deal with an outsized quantity of harm, however, they will be knocked, searched, and carried to a Henchmen Chest. These loot boxes feature a lot of things than standard chests, however need scanning a confederate, a method that generally takes many seconds.

There’s an honest reason to open Henchmen chests — you get a bunch of loot that's, at minimum, at associate Epic tier, in addition as shields and implements of war. There’s an honest reason to avoid these chests, too — they take too long to open, swing the player in danger of being attacked. it's troublesome to interrupt aloof from the chest once it starts scanning and takes another number of seconds to toss the confederate.

There’s an answer to the present drawback, though, and it comes within the sort of a fresh publicized bug. during a new video, streamer “RichHomieQuinn” incontestable a way to trigger a bug that instantly opens one amongst these giant chests. instead of carrying a confederate, however, you’ll ought to dress up together within the dynamic booths, otherwise, it won’t work.

As incontestable within the video on top of, the bug is easy to trigger; begin scanning yourself, then straight off reload one amongst your weapons. this may cause the chest to pop open, giving direct access to the things while not standing there for many seconds. The trick has been employed by several streamers to induce fast access to high-powered merchandise.

Of course, the game’s second season is sort of over, which means you have got solely days left to require advantage of this bug before the new season is discharged. It appears unlikely that Epic can trouble with a patch to mend the problem providing the season is sort of over, however that’s however to be seen.

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