Surface Go 2 is a little bit more repairable says iFixit

Depending on who you raise, the newest iteration of the Surface Go could be a disappointment or an ideal upgrade. the bottom model, whereas retentive the reasonable tag, remains underwhelming whereas the configuration you’ll in all probability need is slightly on the far side reach and retains enough bezels to create it still look superannuated. For iFixit, though, the Surface Go two may be a rather important and whole stunning improvement, creating it slightly easier to repair though it still remains low within the grand theme of things.

The first Surface Go earned one in every of iFixit’s lowest voluminous one, although fortuitously not zero. it had been very exhausting to induce started and lots of elements were either non-modular or simply broken once replace. In alternative words, the Surface Go was just about a throwaway $400 pill once it had been broken.

That’s why iFixit was stunned to get that the Surface Go 2’s screen was simply removed with simply a bit heat and a few prying. that produces screen repairs, the foremost common repair for these devices, easier and probably cheaper. The black shields that coated sensitive physical science were additionally a lot of rigid and didn’t bend or break so simply, increasing their possibilities of application.

It’s not all sensible however, though. plenty of elements are still soldered on, together with the USB-C and Surface instrumentality ports. The battery remains solidly pasted down, creating replacement next to not possible, a minimum of for third-party repairs.
Compared to the Surface Go’s score of one, the Surface Go two a minimum of goes up to three on iFixit’s scale. additionally to having several elements being soldered to the board, the Surface Go two additionally misses out on expandable or replaceable internal storage. Then again, few tablets provide that any way that the Surface Go two is insensible however unfortunate company.

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