SpaceX delays first historic crewed launch to space due to weather conditions

Just 17 mins earlier than its planned launch, SpaceX postponed its first crewed flight to space on Wednesday afternoon because of weather circumstance over the release web page in Florida. the 2 passengers on board SpaceX’s capsule — NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley — will try once more on Saturday, May 30th.

“Not pretty attending to make it for this,” one person said over the venture control audio main as much as the flight.


The biggest challenge for SpaceX become electrified clouds in the vicinity round Cape Canaveral , Florida, wherein the company’s Falcon 9 rocket is supposed to require off. Electrified clouds are specially dangerous for a launch. If a rocket flies near enough, lightning may want to strike the vehicle, causing damage that would harm the assignment. Mission controllers expected that the weather would have cleared up 10 minutes after launch. However, the climate just wasn’t cooperating in the course of the planned release time of 4:33PM ET.

Mission control gave the astronauts the bad news. “Unfortunately, we’re no longer getting to launch today,” one engineer informed the crew. “It turned into an remarkable effort by means of the team, and that we understand, and we’ll meet you there,” Hurley said in response.

SpaceX will now strive again to release Behnken and Hurley at 3:22PM ET on Saturday. NASA and SpaceX’s insurance will begin at 11AM ET.

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