Plant-based meat sales in the US are up 264 percent since March
While treats like chips, popcorn, and afters (and for a number of reasons, oat milk) screw-topped grocery purchases throughout the first few weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns, a lot of Americans still address a special comfort food: plant-based meat alternatives. market sales of merchandise like on the far side Meat and Tofurky were up 264 % throughout a nine-week amount ending on might 2d, in keeping with Nielsen (via The Wall Street Journal). Overall, retail sales plunged sixteen.4 % from March to Gregorian calendar month. the popularity of pretend meat exploded beginning in March, with sales of recent meat alternatives stormy 206 % the first week of March and rising 279 percent the week ending on March fourteenth, in step with Nielsen. Plant-based meat merchandise still lag behind their animal-based counterparts in terms of market size. The 264 % dealings of pretend meat sales pictured a rise of $25.7 million, whereas recent meat sales — up solely forty-five % throughout an equivalent amount — saw a $3.8 billion total increase.

 That’s despite production of meat merchandise declining twenty-eight % year over year, in keeping with the US Food and Drug Administration. The US meat business has been rocked by the pandemic, with major producers closing down production and thousands of employees infected with the novel coronavirus in nineteen states. a minimum of twenty meat plant employees have died, in keeping with the Centers for sickness management and hindrance. On Friday, the chief executive officer of JBS, the foremost vital beef producer at intervals the US, same the impact of the novel coronavirus are about to be felt across the meat business for months.

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