LG Stylo 6 brings a stylus-toting mid-range phone to Boost Mobile

The combination of a coronavirus pandemic and also the progressively steep costs of premium phones could have forced several shoppers to rethink their mobile lifestyle.

 In the United States of America alone, first-quarter sales figures unconcealed that a Samsung mid-tier telephone set was, in fact, the popular phone for the primary 3 months of 2020. simply in time for that fast however, may be a temporary shift in shopping for trends, LG and Boost Mobile are launching the Stylo half dozen for a pinch of cheap content consumption and creation.

Just like its predecessors, the LG Stylo half dozen isn’t extremely meant to vie with Samsung’s Galaxy Note line. The absence of a pressure-sensitive active stylus makes it less ideal for professional-looking design, let's say. That said, once it involves scribbling down notes quickly or maybe adding some personal touches to photos, the skinny stick may just do was yet for several users.

The Stylo half dozen isn’t even meant to vie with even the most cost-effective Galaxy Note ten low-cal. It’s a mid-range phone through and thru, steam-powered by a comparatively older MediaTek Helio P35 with solely 3GB of RAM and sixty-four of fortunately expandable internal storage. That said, the massive half dozen.8-inch screen will a minimum of reach 2460×1080 pixels for comfy Full HD viewing.

There are 3 cameras on the rear still sporting LG’s previous style. Don’t expect to shoot masterpieces with the 13MP main camera, though, nor can the 5MP fisheye take breath-taking broad shots. The 13MP front-camera can most likely be serviceable, reckoning on the lighting.
If the LG Stylo half dozen reads as a disappointment, then you would possibly be missing the whole purpose of the phone. At $220, it’s meant a lot of as a reliable and cheap 24/7 companion. And with Boost Mobile’s $40 discount, it should attractiveness even a lot of to those on a decent budget recently.

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